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  • Duo | Mid

Duo | Mid


The Duo | Mid is a meticulously crafted evolution of our popular Rose | Mid-length design. It features a refined nose outline, providing surfers with increased ease when rolling over on the rail.


With it’s exceptional versatility, the Duo | Mid emerges as a must-have board for all surfing conditions, whether it's beach breaks, reefs, or points. Experience the ultimate everyday companion, tailored to meet your surfing needs.


Mid-length surfboards offer an exciting and user-friendly experience. It's a bit puzzling why everyone seems so inclined to ride ultra-thin, wafer-like boards. Following the crowd is easy, but when you step back, remove your ego from the equation, and embrace reality over fantasy, you'll find that surfing a mid-length board is a smarter choice.


These boards are not only easier to paddle, but they also allow you more time to position yourself perfectly on the wave, ensuring a better ride. You'll even have an edge in a paddle battle! Plus, you'll exude effortless coolness.


Explore our mid-length board range, including the Rose, Duo|Mid, and Asym|Mid models. We guarantee you'll fall in love with them.


Ideal Wave Size \ 1ft to 6ft (face)

Wave Type \ All Conditions

Skill Level \ Beginner to Advanced

  • Info

    As each board is hand-crafted. delivery times are 4 to 6 weeks from the date of purchase. Every board comes with grub screws & a leash rope.


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