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Company Values

Truth | Respect | Simplicity | Detail | Durability | Dedication | Balance

At Cross Design, each board is crafted by hand, with care, passion and dedication to detail. All the boards are designed to maximise rider experience with careful consideration of the aesthetics of each design.

ABOUT | Shaper

Joe’s passion for design originates from childhood with an innate appreciation for clean spaces and lines bringing a clean fluidity to each and every product. Joe has a background in Architectural Design completing a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture at Bond University on the Gold Coast.


"I've always been fascinated by new technologies and their process and how this can improve the products we use on a day-to-day basis, be it making something more efficient or just simpler for the consumer. 

If there's a more efficient & aesthetic way with less waste I'd like to try it.


I make surfboards because I love making them. The thrill of shaping something with your hands and then riding it on free space of energy. Hearing the feedback from a stoked customer and sharing moments with them in the ocean."

My Story

Joe Norcross Webb was born in England, spending most of his childhood in the French Alps competing as an Alpine Ski Racer for the England National Ski Team. Throughout Joe’s skiing career, hundreds of hours would be spent tuning the skis before training and races. This process of working on your equipment and taking it to a competitive race level was fundamental to having fast times as well as having a deep trust in your equipment when it really mattered.


Soon to find the ocean during summer breaks from skiing competition Joe fell in love with the freedom of surfing. "It started at Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, Cornwall on my local beach. I still remember my first wave like it was yesterday, a rainy summer's day in the far left corner. Time really did feel like it slowed down."


Joe studied Design and Technology throughout his younger years at school as well as choosing it as one of his A-level subjects, Joe enjoyed creating something out of nothing and the internal satisfaction this gives with designing. Later in Joe's late 20's he decided to commit to the design way of life and enroll on a Bachelor of Architecture degree course at Bond University on the Gold Coast. "Having the ocean so close to the Architecture building was incredible. The ability to surf nearly every morning before class and still have the flexibility to commit to a degree gave me great balance."


After graduating with a BA, Joe soon found a job working with Jack, Aaron & Sean Knight at their surfboard factory Harvest Surfboards in Miami, Gold Coast, Australia. "Working alongside over more than 50 years of surfboard manufacturing experience you really can't beat the knowledge each individual has for the craft."


Joe’s a keen musician, playing the guitar for as far back as he can remember and recently started a band, Crescent Sons, with his good friend Frank a singer and guitarist. Music for Joe is his medium. “I don’t know where I would be today without it, every day the headphones go on and another day begins."  


“I’d like to say, to all those people who have helped me grow along the way. Thank you."

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