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At Cross Design, we specialize in crafting Carbon Fiber Surfboards, prioritising sustainability in our Carbon Boards. Our diverse Carbon Fiber range includes all our models available in various sizes, weights, shapes, and design configurations. If you are interested in a Carbon Fiber surfboard please just let us know.


Carbon Fiber Surfboards offer an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, resulting in exceptional durability and a remarkable wave-riding experience. The surfboard's responsiveness to the rider is unmatched, ensuring a lasting investment for those seeking long-term performance and reliability.


Did you know there are many different types of Carbon Fiber Weave? The plain weave that I’m sure you know (little symmetrical squares) is called Carbon Fiber Plain Weave. What you see below is a Carbon Innegra Hex Weave which has benefits in strength and durability.

We offer such weaves as Carbon Fiber Plain Weave, Carbon Innegra Hex Weave, Carbon Innegra Aztec Weave, Carbon Double Bias Weave and Carbon fibre Twill Cloths, as well as new-aged weaves such as Hemp, Basalt and flax (See examples on right).

We allow you to choose based on your own preference and look. 


We invite you to experience the thrill of riding on our top-quality Carbon Surfboards. Dive into the waves with confidence, knowing you've chosen a surfboard that blends cutting-edge technology with eco-conscious craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your surfing journey, our Carbon Fiber Surfboards are designed to elevate your ride to new heights.

Don't miss the opportunity to own a surfboard that embodies both performance and sustainability. Join the Cross Design family today and ride the waves with a board that's as unique as you are. Explore our collection and find the perfect Carbon Surfboard to ignite your passion for surfing. Your next adventure awaits!

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