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The Asym | Mid is a true marvel both in and out of the water. This board delivers outstanding performance in a wide range of wave conditions. It's unique design takes inspiration from the Duo | Mid’s outline from nose to tail.


On your heel side rail, it maintains it's sleek contour with a pin tail outline that provides exceptional hold during turns. Meanwhile, the toe side features a more elongated shape reminiscent of a swallow tail, ensuring riders maintain speed and stability while gliding along the wave face.


The Asym | Mid offers versatile fin options, including a Quad setup on the heel and a twin fin configuration on the toe (two fins on the heel and one on the toe), or a classic twin fin setup (two fins).

Ideal Wave Size \ 1ft to 6ft (face)

Wave Type \ Point Breaks & A-Frames

Skill Level \ Beginner to Advanced

Starting from $950.00AUD


At Cross Design, every surfboard we create is meticulously tailored just for you. We believe in personalisation at it's finest, and that's why we offer a complimentary consultation to understand your unique surfing proficiency, weight, height, and fitness. Armed with this insight, we craft your board, moulding it to perfection from our premium selection of surfboard outlines. Your surfboard, your style, your ride – it's all about you.


Explore our vibrant spectrum of colours and pick the one that speaks to your style. Don't see your desired shade on the list? No worries! We're delighted to custom craft it just for you. Whether you prefer it blended into the resin or expertly sprayed onto your selected surfboard, your vision is our command.

Solid Colour laps (top and bottom colour) are included in the cost of your



More intricate colours such as resin swirls and custom sprays start from $50 - $200


Immerse yourself in the world of resin inlays. Choose from our array of stunning designs, each a testament to nature's elegance. Can't find what you're envisioning? Fret not! Our skilled artisans are ready to bring your unique creation to life. Whether delicately woven into the resin or artfully depicted on your chosen surfboard, we're here to transform your artistic dreams into reality.


We have the ability to inlay pressed flowers, shells, feathers, or even your own photos. 


Inlays start from $50 - $500