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The Hendrix Mk3 represents a significant leap forward in our surfboard lineup, introducing a High-Performance Shortboard that surpasses any of our previous offerings. Specifically crafted for medium-sized, slower, and less powerful waves, this board stands as the ultimate performance grovelling machine in such conditions.


With a recommended length of 1 inch shorter than your height, the Hendrix demonstrates remarkable versatility, making it one of our most adaptable boards to date.


In terms of design, the Hendrix boasts a medium entry rocker, providing an enjoyable and performance-oriented board feel. It’s wider profile compared to your typical shortboard enables it to excel in less powerful waves. The board is shaped with our performance rail and flatter deck, for enhanced stability.


If you're on the lookout for an exceptional everyday shortboard, the Hendrix stands as the perfect choice.


Ideal Wave Size \ 2ft to 6ft (face)

Wave Type \ All Conditions

Skill Level \ Intermediate to Advanced

  • Info

    As each board is hand-crafted. delivery times are 4 to 6 weeks from the date of purchase. Every board comes with grub screws & a leash rope.


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